Δευτέρα, 25 Σεπτέμβριος 2023
Panagia of Xenon – Faneromeni Print E-mail


Near the temple of Saint Ioannis the Precursor, the church of Virgin Mary of Xenon (Foreigners) is found. The holy Temple of Yperagia Theotokos (Virgin Mary) of Xenon was built by the priest Nicodemos, who was from Epirus and wanted to build the church for the refugees from Epirus, who came to Kerkyra after the persecutions during the Ottoman domination.

The church of Virgin Mary of Foreigners belongs to the type of tri-aisle royal. The characteristic elements are the “ourania” (ceiling), which is the work of N. Koutouzis (18th century), as well as the temple’s chancel screen that is considered one of the most impressive gold plated decorated chancel screens of Kerkyra. The old temple’s chancel screen was restored in 1875, from Italians, specialized in the Rococo Style. A lot of researchers characterized the ‘Doors of the chancel screen’ of unique artistic value. Other appreciable elements of the temple are the icon “Riza Iessai” with micrographics of prophets and their utterances in parchments that are reported in the coming of the Messiah. 


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