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The Holy Temple of Saint Nikolaos of Geronton, San Nicolo dei Vecchi, was built in the beginning of the16th century. The church of Saint Nikolaos of Geronton belongs, as most post byzantine churches of Corfu, to the basilica one-aisle churches, with the wooden tile roof and a perimetric corridor. The building complex of the temple also includes the priest’s residence in its northern side. It was one of the richest churches of Kampielo, the catherdral of the Great Fathers up to year 1712, and in 1916 it was granted to the Serbs.

Some very impressive elements in the interior of temple are the sanctuary’s wooden crafted chancel screen, one of the oldest of the temples of Kerkyra, as well as the Pulpit, in the northern side. Some significant icons of the temple are: Saint Theodora, the Saint Metalipsi and Saint Kerkyra that are possibly works of Emmanouel Bouniali – Tzanne.

Important findings in the temple :
Remarkable wooden carved chancel screen.
Icon portraying Saint Theodora, Saint Metalipsi and Saint Kerkyra (17th century).


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